Welcome to Ramtech Hydraulics

Ramtech Hydraulics was established in 1989. Our scope of work includes the sale, repair and overhauling of all hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. We are experts of hydraulics and all their system components. It is in our best interests to ensure that you receive superior quality service, and of course top quality repairs. We have dealt with large institutions such as the National Defence Force, Lonmin Platinum, Putco, Eskom, Spoornet, Samancor, Harmony Gold Mine and the South African Police Force. The reason being is that our work is highly appreciated as we delivery nothing less than our utter best. The experience that we have gained due to working with these large corporations has afforded us indispensable experience, and this coupled with a true passion for the industry makes us a key player in the hydraulics and pneumatics industry. We do onsite repairs and maintenance for various mining companies as well. Our services range far and wide as we do not wish to hold ourselves back from any potential opportunity we may have to gain further experience outside of our domains.

Certified: Level 4 BEE Certified Company

ISO Certificate 9001


Our repairs are done in house with our modern workshop, testing equipment with our highly trained and professional technicians. Ramtech has put in place strict standards for turn-around times of every component that comes in for repairs. We aim to deliver our services in the fastest possible turn-around time, so that our clients have very minimal down-times.

We sell, repair and overhaul the following:

  • Filter Presses
  • Flotation Presses
  • Isa Mill

We also offer:

  • Fabrication
  • Machine Works
  • Machine Repairs

Mission Statement

Through the strength of our people we aim to exceed industry expectations by delivering superior solutions and demonstrating excellence in customer service. We are committed to be consistently innovative with our products and services and to provide safe high quality fluid power and industrial systems.

Our Values

Willingness to take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes, including owning up to our mistakes.

Respect: Treating customers with respect and dignity, and showing trust and appreciation of each other.

Integrity: Being honest and fair and doing the right thing, including transparency and keeping your word.

Professionalism: Consistently performing to a high standard, striving towards excellence, and understanding the impact your decisions make on others.

Teamwork: Collaborating with team members by being flexible, responsive and showing initiative, to help achieve a common goal.



Offerd us nothing but the best service with the quickest turn over time on every service. Very friendly and helpfull staff, that go out of their own way to ensure that their clients get the best. We at Putco highly recommend their services to any one in the specific field